Decision on March 12

By March 12 the congregation will have decided between two competing offers to buy the building. We believe ours is the best because we are a financially sustainable non-profit. Below are six reasons why we believe a non-profit solution is best for the congregation and for Saskatoon:

1. A non-profit can justify discounted rent for important under-funded cultural groups. Our business plan accommodates discounts for groups like Saskatoon Children’s Choir, El Sistema, and others.

2. A non-profit is not motivated to sacrifice heritage for profit. Our heritage mission is to preserve both the building and a vibrant congregation within it.

3. A non-profit is motivated to work cooperatively, rather than competitively, with other important cultural venues. Our mission is to fill Saskatoon’s need for a 1000 seat cultural venue without having a detrimental effect on other important cultural venues such as The Broadway Theatre, The Roxy, and TCU.

4. A non-profit may be motivated to create paying jobs for performers independent of the profitability of those performances. Our mission is to be a cultural incubator by enabling the artistic economy in Saskatoon.

5. A non-profit can bring important international performances to Saskatoon even when those performances do not generate a profit. Our mission is to expose our audiences and young artists to the world’s best performers, such as Tafel Music, Jan Lisiekcie, and others.

6. A non-profit board of directors, with deep roots in the community, can be relied upon to act in the best interest of the community; whereas a for-profit owner may have unknown and changing motivations. Our board has cumulatively founded or helped lead over thirty community non-profits.